What is Homestay

What is Homestay Perth

Homestay accommodation is an emerging low cost accommodation alternative for students, full time workers, or people wanting to come to Perth for holidays.  Homestay is a very popular choice of accommodation in Australia for so many reasons.  One popular reason is because you get to experience the Australian culture and being in a safe Australian home environment.

When staying at a Homestay you will be living in the same house as the family that lives in the home and you will share all the amenities such as bathrooms and kitchen.  You have your own room to study and relax and enjoy the peace and quiet when living in Perth Australia.

Your room can be a single bedroom or double bedroom all rooms are equipped with Plasma  TV/DVD Desk to work from and all bedding, towels, cleaning and washing of clothes is supplied.  In many homestay’s the cost of the room includes breakfast and your evening meal on a daily basis.

Because you are studying or working around Perth the Homestay host will prepare meals for your convenience which gives you time to pursue your study or working goals.  Your Homestay accommodation will be similar to living in your own home although there are some homestay rules you need to be aware of.

Because you are staying with an Australian family you are required to respect the day to day living of the homestay family as many people in Australia work full time or part-time and lead very busy lives with their own families.

There are many other reasons why people may choose to stay at a homestay.  As you are living with a family you may come and go as you please although there are some homestay rules set out by the homestay family that must be respected.

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